Friday, 15 April 2016

M is for Midpoint

So this is the middle of the month of challenges. I should probably revisit my goals again… but I chose not to.

I'm behind in almost all of it, this blogging thing is the only one up to date and that's only because I've made a habit of writing these posts in advance. (Reason for the chaos in my life is in yesterday's post.)

Midpoint in a story is a point of change. A mirror-moment, I've learned, where the Main Character often have a moment of reflection, gains new insights about the story problem (of course) - but more importantly about him- or herself. No one is born a Hero, not even the Main Character. He or she needs to grow, to change, to become a Hero who can face the ultimate challenges in the story's end - and overcome it.

The Midpoint is often where that journey starts. The Main Character realizes that change is needed and starts working not only to reach the outer goal but to make the personal changes that will make it possible to 'win'.

I'm not sure I've come that far yet. But I'm starting to close in.

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