Monday, 4 April 2016

C is for Camp NaNo

I couldn't resist. Participating in both this month, I almost had to bring this up, no?

First things first. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) isn't so much 'national' as 'international' now, as I'm a proof of. After all I'm a Swede, not an American, and have participated in that several years now. That's all held in November, with a goal of writing a novel in at least 50.000 words.

Camp NaNo is a little different. You get assigned to a cabin (meaning you'll meet some as-crazy bunk-friends) and you can set a personal wordcount goal. This year I aim for 20.000. Much less stress, just as fun.

This would be day 4 (no Sundays off here, but of course you can write as much or as little any day). To add to the low goal, I've also decided to simply continue on a project I started last year - totally ok when you're camping, but considered 'rebelling' if you do it in November - so this story is well on its way. Shouldn't be a problem to get that to 20.000 more before April ends.

The story follows three youths: Filip, Nora and Josef. Genre is grounded in fantasy - I can't seem to write anything that doesn't end up fantasy - but it's the first time I've tried a 'portal fantasy', meaning that the three start in out own world but have their adventures in a made-up one. Like Narnia.

My made-up world will follow some ancient Greek myths, and I'm having real fun writing it. The only problem is that I (obviously) started this in July. I'll need some good re-writing of what I did then to not make it cross the line into erotica… I blame summer nights and nice wine for that.

Otherwise I'm good.

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