Saturday, 16 April 2016

N is for Never ending

I once found a book called The Neverending Story. For a bookworm like me that title was as good as heaven - a story that never ended? Give it to me…

Then I read the back, realized that of course the story did have an ending (after all it wasn't even a series) but the premise was the next best thing: a story world becoming real to the reader. The reader interacting with the story, living inside the story. Ever since reading Narnia, or Brothers Lionheart, I had desperately longed for something like that. 

I followed Bastian with an almost desperate need to be him. And, of course, the story ended. As they all do. But that story woke something inside me. I have never forgotten it.

Since then, I've wanted to create my own stories. I started writing, a neverending endevour all by itself. There are stories within me, stories that I'm not sure I can ever do justice. But I know I have to keep on trying to pull them out of my imagination and into words and onto paper.

Because I simply can't stop doing it.

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