Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A to Z

So I've heard about this challenge a few years now, but never been inclined to participate. After all, I before now I haven't been able to write consistently (as in more or less every day) - and never mnaged to come up with things to blog about either.

Then I happened upon a Facebook group called "10 minute Novelists" - more on that in another post another time - and realized it was ok to only write a few words a day, a few minutes a day. It changed my way of thinking.

Along came 2015 and that group started a "365k" challenge - to write 365.000 words in a year, or 1000 words a day. I signed up with no belief that I would make it. And I didn't. But I built a habit of writing almost every day during a whole year. This year I'm in it again, but with a lower wordcount goal, and so far well on the way of reaching it.

So ... when this A2Z blogging challenge popped up this year, I was tempted. I want to keep a blog, I just need to get into habit, get something to write about. I signed up. It's the reason I decided to start this blog (hadn't updated the old one in two years so it felt better with a new one). I may not make it, and that will be okay. But if I do... I just might have worked up a habit that will make me continue.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Starting off

Well, here I am. Again.

I'm trying so many things at the same time.

I want to write, finish that novel, that short story, that trilogy...
I want to keep a blog, and update it regularely (I've tried before. Not easy, for me).
I want to make my family happy (one kid with diagnosis, probably the other as well).
I want to be my best at work.
I want to live and breathe the Gospel of Christ.
I want to loose weight (yes, for looks, but also to keep diabetes away and general health improvement)
I want to....
I want....

This time, I'll use my blog to write off whatever I feel the need for. It will probably be related to all of the above, and some more. No limits. No musts. Just ... me, and my random thoughts.

And I promise myself that I will not care if anyone else but me reads it.
That is not the most important thing..