Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P is for Pearls of Life

The Pearls of Life is a wreath of beads, made to be used like a rosary (but for Lutherans). Each bead has a special meaning, and the wreath is often worn as a bracelet. In Swedish they're called "Frälsarkransen" - translated as "Saviour's wreath" - but I've seen it called "Wreath of Christ" as well.

I've had one with me, almost daily, for many years now. I still have the original with glass beads I once bought, but for everyday use I prefer one I've made myself with wooden and slightly smaller beads.

They sit on my wrist, always at hand, reminding me that prayer is only one thought away. And when the words are few and my thoughts are scattered, I take hold of one of the beads of silence and just relax. 
The Pearls of Life

If you see them like this, the pearls are in order:
(starting at the top and going down to the left, omitting the oblong ones  - they are all for silence)

Gold - for God
White (small) - for myself
White - for Baptism
Sand - for the Desert, trials and emptiness
Blue - for Carefree moments and happiness
Red - for Love, one to give it and one to recieve it
3 small ones - for Secrets, what your heart is full of right now
Black - for the Night, death and loss
White - for Resurrection and Life eternal


  1. Never heard of this - looks like it would be perfect for meditating as well.

  2. Well, it is a Swedish creation (one of our retired bishops has made it up) and though it's getting exported some, it's not strange you've not heard of it.

    You can use it as you like, certainly, but it is (and should be used as) a Christian tool.