Tuesday, 5 April 2016

D is for Discipline

Uh-oh. That's a word I bet most of us has ambivalent feelings about. In Swedish I'd say the word is "charged" or "loaded" (not sure there's an English equivalent), meaning it evokes something in people. Feelings.

Negative feelings, positive feelings.
All depending on what the word means for you.

To me it's been mostly negative.
I often go around thinking: I have no discipline, and that translates into a number of things like I can't keep my things in order, I can't keep a diet and loose weight, I can't keep a training schedule, I can't… I can't… And I fall into the trap of negative thinking, again and again.

All of the things listed is what I want to do, that's not the problem. The probem is that I'm focusing on that I suck at doing them.

What if I tured that around? Instead of berating myself when I can't reach my own (too high) standards, why not praise myself when I've managed a step in the right direction? I put the sewing basket back where it belongs, good! I ate only one biscuit, great! I took a walk today without needing to, wow!

That's a difference. One I'm determined to made. Now, if I only have the discipline to do it…


  1. You've got this! I know you have more discipline than you think you do.