Friday, 1 April 2016

Plot Bunny

So, the best writing group on Facebook, the 10 Minute Novelists, host a weekly competition for the ones parcipitating in the 365k Club Challenge. This last week was about 'plot bunnies' - or more specifically plots that run amok and refuse to following the nice outlined plan we've laid down.

This challenge went like this: Sometimes our plots get away from us and our characters take us on their own adventure. Describe one such bunny trail that your characters insisted you go down.
I must admit: that happens. Even to an obsessed plotter / outliner like me. This time I was reminded of Filip, who suddenly showed talents I had not forseen. My answer went like this:  

My three MC's (Filip, Nora, Josef) happened to find themselves in a maze. They're supposed to get lost and away from each other and .... plot-things. Then Filip looks up at the 10 meters high walls and says "I bet I could climb it." Turns out he's a rock climber, so he sets off up ... *groans* That was NOT in the plot and I don't know ANYTHING about rock climbing.
Seems like that was a problem big enough to award me with a winner's badge. I'll wear it with pride!


  1. HA! :) any time I start a story, I never know which way it will go, and stuff is just happening... ;) can be fun, can be frustrating... Also it can be that I misunderstood the idea of a bunny trail plot... ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      I guess it's the age-old difference between Pantser and Plotter. I'm a plotter, I figure out where my plot is going before I start writing... if you're a pantser you figure out where the plot is going when you write it.
      I think plotters gets more irritated by these unforseen things than pantsers are :P